In the realm of Python development, frameworks like ‘flet’ offer powerful tools for building real-time web, mobile, and desktop applications without the need for extensive frontend experience. However, as with any software installation, users may encounter unexpected hurdles. One common stumbling block is the “flet command not found” error, which can frustrate even the most seasoned developers.

The documentation in the official webiste of flet suggests running ‘pip install flet.’ However, some users, including myself, have faced the ‘flet command not found’ error when attempting to execute flet create project

To resolve this issue, we’ll explore two solutions:

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

Often overlooked but surprisingly effective, a simple restart can resolve a myriad of technical glitches. If you encounter the flet command not found error, try rebooting your computer and then reattempting the command. While it may seem too basic to be the solution, you’d be surprised how often it works.

Solution 2: Use a Python Virtual Environment

For more persistent issues, creating a Python virtual environment can provide a clean slate for installing and managing dependencies. Follow these steps to set up a virtual environment and install ‘flet’:

Create a virtual environment:
  python -m venv venv
Activate the environment:

Windows (cmd.exe):


Windows (PowerShell):


Linux and macOS:

  source myvenv/bin/activate
Install ‘flet’ within the virtual environment:
  pip3 install flet

With ‘flet’ installed in a virtual environment, attempt the command flet create project again. This isolation ensures that ‘flet’ and its dependencies are contained within the environment, minimizing conflicts with other system-wide packages.


Despite our best efforts, unforeseen obstacles may still arise. If you encounter an error similar to:

  /home/proubuntu/.flet/bin/flet-0.20.1/flet/flet/flet: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The missing library ‘’ can be resolved by installing the corresponding package:

  sudo apt install libmpv1


By implementing these solutions and troubleshooting steps, you should now be equipped to conquer the “flet command not found” error with confidence. Remember, troubleshooting technical issues is a valuable skill in any developer’s toolkit. With persistence and resourcefulness, you can overcome any obstacle on your coding journey. Happy coding!