You’ve probably heard of IPTV programs and want to watch TV channels for free and legally.

Most of the offers that you find on the Internet are mostly scams or illegal because they violate copyrights. You would probably never buy anything illegal because it goes against your principles or because the government in your area monitors the internet strictly.

In today’s tutorial, we will explain to you how to unlock the channels on your IPTV program for free and legally.

It is important to mention that not all channels are available, only the channels that can be streamed online legally are available. If you want to stream a channel that costs money for free then it won’t work. You have to pay money to get a paid service.

What do you need for this tutorial?

  • IPTV Software (we will use the Smart IPTV application)
  • A Computer

Install the Smart IPTV application

To start we have to choose a device on which we want to install the IPTV software (mobile phone, computer or smart TV).

Then we need to find a good IPTV software that works on your Smart TV (Smart IPTV works well on smart TVs).


How to find the TV MAC on the Smart IPTV application?

After installing the application, you now need to find the TV MAC on your TV. You can find it in the settings in the Smart IPTV application.

Write down the TV MAC somewhere on a piece of paper because we’ll need that later then we will look for legal m3u files.


Now we need a legal list of publicly available IPTV channels as an m3u file to be able to watch the TV channels.

Luckily, a few people on GitHub made such lists publicly so we can easily use them. Go to their GitHub page and see what playlists they have.

Please be aware that you should not trust any source blindly. It’s crucial to verify the legality and credibility of the sources if possible.


You will find all types of TV channels on their GitHub page (movies, music, sport, etc.) and you will find also channels in all languages (English, German, Chinese, Arabic, etc.).

Choose any type of collection you like and copy the link to it. This link includes the m3u file you need for the channels.

  • Go to the Smart IPTV website on your computer then select My List.
  • Put the MAC  of your TV that you wrote down in the previous step in the MAC input field.
  • Now we have to paste the link we copied from GitHub into the URL input field.
  • Click on Send Now.

Restart the Smart IPTV application

After restarting the Smart IPTV application on your TV and you will find all the new channels on the application.